Frank in Dead Rising

Frank West is one of the 2 protaganists of the Dead Rising series. He first appeared in Dead Rising as the protagonist.


A freelance photo journalist, Frank West heard from a source that something big was going on in the small town of Willamette, Colorado, so Frank hired a Charter Helicopter to fly him to the town as the roads were blocked off by the government. Frank saw many strange things when he flew over the town, such as "people" attacking other people and a gas station exploding, or a woman falling off of a building. He asked the pilot to drop him off at the mall and come back in 3 days. In the time he stayed in Willamette he found out there wasn't just a riot going on, but there were zombies attacking the small town. Frank vowed to uncover the story and save the survivors trapped in the mall. After the 3 days, Frank uncovered the outbreak and escaped, but while escaping Frank was bitten by a zombie. Frank needs to take Zombrex, a drug to prevent zombification, or else he would become a zombie.

Frank was not the protagonist of Dead Rising 2, but it is revealed he became famous. He wrote bestsellers and had his own TV show, but fame went to his head and he ended up losing it all.

Dead Rising 2Edit

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Frank reappeared Dead Rising 2: Case West where he meets Dead Rising 2's protagonist, Chuck Greene to clear his name and uncover the true conspiracy of the second outbreak. He also made a reappearance as the protagonist of DR2 DLC Dead Rising 2:Off the Record.



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