Gaius Pose

Gaius, before his armor is broken

Real Name Earth Knight
Latin Name Terrestris Veritas
Form Knight
Temperament Aggressive
Attacks Stomp, Stab / slash with sword

Gaius, also known as the Earth Knight, is the third of the sixteen which the protagonist, Wander, must slay in Shadow of the Colossus.


This Colossus' territory is at the top of a large structure in the middle of a lake, which tilts around as the massive creature walks about.


Gaius is by far the third biggest colossus in the game; he has less fur than its predecessors, the stone armor which adorns its almost humanoid body providing Wander with ledges to climb on. It carries a massive sword in its right hand, which it smashes into the ground where Wander stands. The player must make it smash the sword into a stone platform on top of the structure. This will cause parts of the armor to shatter, allowing Wander to climb. The Colossus' Sigils which signify its weak spots are on its head and stomach.

On Hard Mode it has another Sigil on the back of its left arm.

Meaning of NameEdit

Gaius is the masculine form of Gaia. Gaia is the primal Hellenic titan who is the personification of the Earth itself. Gaia is the Hellenic equivalent of the Roman primal goddess Terra.

Terrestris Veritas means "Earthly Truth."

Terrestris is Latin for "earthly" or "of the earth." Its equivalent in English would be "terrestrial." It comes from the name of the Roman personification of the Earth itself, Terra. From this we get Terra Mater, which means "Mother Earth."

Veritas is Latin for "truth." Veritas was the name of the Roman goddess of truth, the daughter of Saturn and mother of Virtue. A colloquial phrase where this is used is in vino veritas, which means, "In the wine, truth."