Kessler's face

Kessler, as he appeared in inFamous.

"I've always been there, Cole. Every step of your life."
— Kessler, during his confrontation with Cole.

Kessler was an alias used by Cole MacGrath when he returned to his past to save his former self from a desolate future. Usurping control of the mentalist faction known as the First Sons, Kessler would later use its assets to accelerate the chain of events that lead to his conception.

Possessing double the power of his past self, Kessler was a very powerful Conduit, capable of manipulating electricity and several other abilities.

Post-Apocalypse EditEdit

Cole MacGrath lived in a world where there was peace in Empire City. Best friends with Zeke Dunbar, he would later ask him to be his best man during his wedding with Trish Dailey. Afterwards, Cole became the father of two daughters and settled down comfortably at home. Kessler and his family watch The Beast.Added by Assassin-Rayne

As a Conduit, he possesses the ability to manipulate electricity at will, and utilize it for anything possible.[2] During that time, a Conduit of impossible strength dubbed as "The Beast", attacked and lay waste to Empire City, killing any known life form nearby. Though his powers would have been enough to deal with the monster, Cole fled with his family, leaving the others behind. As he and his family fled, the Beast would continuously hunt him down, laying waste to any known life form as he did. The calamity caused by the Beast left the world desolate of any life, with the environment barely fit for living.[2] Kessler's family, destroyed.Added by Assassin-RayneAfter a long time of fleeing, Trish and her daughters died, which left Cole all alone in his world. The grief too much to bear, Cole would utilize his power to teleport himself back in time as an attempt to correct the mistakes he's made. He would then utilize a new alias: Kessler.[2]