Morpheus is a very well-known satanic demon who killed his master Satan and his minions and took his rightful place as the Lord of the Hell and also one of the most powerful (if not) the only in the universe. His reputation even scared the arch-angels from the Heaven who are protecting it's homeland. Morpheus has challenged the all mighty Demise , resulting as a draw since both are the most powerful beings on the universe. He shares the name with the Greek deity Morpheus, who is the god of darkness and nightmares. The character was designed, created and the property of Koldoom, aka Bogdan.


When Hex, the creator of the universe, arrived for the first on earth, he wanted to make the world a better and more respectful place disguising himself in a human. But he met Cleopatra, a very charming woman in both face and body, yet she has a very traumatizing story. Hex made the move to invite her to a drink, followed by a private night resulting leaving her pregant with a baby. Hex revealed himself as the creator of the worlds, making her very angry because he lied her all the time. Hex tried to calm her, but she killed both the unborn baby and herself. This act made her soul fall in the darkest place of Hell. She gave birth of her fetus, naming him Morpheus. Grown up in tortures, he survived all of them making him one of the most powerful being on Hell. He was personaly choose by the Lord of the Hell Satan to be the General of his army calling him the Dark Savior. Morpheus didn't forgot about his tortures, in procces killing his lord Satan, in a very difficult battle resulting as Morpheus as the winner and claimer of Satan's powers and reign. Now everybody will know about Morpheus and his cruel actions...

True intentionEdit

Morpheus dedicated all his dead life serving the Lord Satan, but after killing him, Morpheus took place on his throne, but he sweared he will banish all the evil servants of the former Lord. Now Morpheus being one of the most powerful beings, if not the only one, he is wandering the land of the living to make sure Hell will not be so populated.