Sailor Moon
220px-Sailor Moon (1st uniform)

Full/Real Name

Usagi Tsukino






Sailor Soldier

Special Powers/Abilities

Magical attacks usually activated with special items such as wands, staffs, etc.


Moon Stick, Cutie Moon Rod, Spiral Heart Moon Rod, Kaleidomoon Scope, Eternal Tiare

Sailor Moon is one the most iconic anime characters to date, becoming a mascot of some sorts for the entire Magical Girl genre. Though her franchise ended more than 10 years ago, her fan base continues to grow.

As a character, Usagi Tsukino was introduced as whiny and a brat, having to deal with growing up along her adventures. She slowly matured into the compassionate crime-fighter she is today.


Usagi Tsukino was a typical 13 year-old crybaby with a soft spot for romance. She was visited by a talking cat, who revealed herself as Luna, who gave Usagi her mission. She was to find and assemble the rest of the Sailor Soldiers, as well as the princess of the fallen Moon Kingdom. Though reluctant at first, she realized she had no choice and became the Champion of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon. After a series of life-altering events, it was


revealed that Sailor Moon was in fact the princess they had been searching for, Princess Serenity. Her and the rest of the Soldiers were reborn on Earth after the Moon Kingdom's ultimate destruction. Though Usagi was far from princess material, she continued to fulfill her duties to Earth and save it from suffering the same fate as the Moon Kingdom.


Usagi is described as whiny, bratty and a bit of a crybaby. Being more of an artist than a scientist, she does poorly in school, choosing video games and comics over studying. After her glamorous transformation into Sailor Moon, she takes on a more of the "reluctant heroine" state of mind. Naive and easily fooled, she wasn't always a tough opponent, usually having to be rescued by either her teammates or Tuxedo Mask, her love interest.

However, Usagi is forced to face her demons and grow up several times along her adventures. On a better note, she is also kind, giving and compassionate. On more than one occasion, she has chosen mercy over murder, bringing back the lost love in her opponent's life. She is a firm believer in the fact that love conquers all.


Sailor Moon has become one the most easily recognizable anime characters in history. The star of her own metaseries, her popularity still hasn't reached its prime with rumors of reboots constantly circling the internet.

Megami33 and her crew, the creators of the wildly popular Sailor Moon Abridged series, produced a short fan-film based off the Sailor Moon series, working up almost $6,000 in donations. They hope to grab the attention of professional movie producers and work on a full-length movie.

Hot Topic, MTV and other companies have also done their part to bring Sailor Moon back into the mainstream.