Scorpion (Real Name: Hanzo Sasori Hazashi) is the most well known character from the Mortal Kombat
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fighting franchise and also one of the original characters to debut in the first game. Along with the Sub-Zero brothers and the thunder-god Raiden, he appeared the most Mortal Kombat games. His rival is sub-zero.


Scorpion was a Japanese ninja assassin from the Shirai Ryu Clan who was sent by the sorcerer Quan Chi to search for Shinnok's amulet. He did not know that a Chinese ninja from the Lin Kuei named Sub-Zero was sent by Quan Chi too for the same task. As they continued their quest, they at last confronted themselves. Sub-Zero emerged victorious over Scorpion, and then killed him. Sub-Zero delivered the Amulet to Quan Chi who had promised to wipe out the Shirai Ryu Clan. He did, but shape shifted as Sub-Zero he killed the clan and Scorpion's family. Scorpion was then resurrected and learned Sub-Zero killed his family and clan. Enraged, he signed in for the Mortal Kombat Tournament to hunt down and kill Sub-Zero.